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A Comprehensive Checklist for Moving Your Home in India

How to Save Money When Moving House in Pune City?

Thinking about shifting your house staying in Pune? You may be excited about the new house but at the same time exhausted and have got no idea from where to start, what to do or what not to do first. Starting a new home journey may feel overwhelming but at the same time you may feel like a lifetime preparation to be done. From TV connections to gas connections, everything goes into while moving in a new home. At this hectic point, it is very important to stay organized or it may turn out to be more hectic when it explodes like a bomb on the last date of shifting. You can also avail home shifting services to make your life easy. In this article we are going to discuss the ways in which you can save money while shifting.

When doing household goods shifting, it is important for you to take care of the valuables and all the belongings. Often we find there is breakage, mishandling or theft of items by the people hired to do the job for which, in a place like Pune, you need to prioritize the following things while shifting which may also help to reduce the costs involved in shifting.


Before moving to the new house and making yourself comfortable, you are going to have some basic expenditures like water gas and electricity. While moving some basic belongings like clothes and utensils, you will have to spend on packing boxes, packing tapes, packing peanuts, packing blankets and packing paper in order to have a safe transportation of the things and break down of these necessities are avoided. To save money, check on your network of friends and family members to see if they have supplies from a recent move which they may be willing to share. You also can check social media websites such as Facebook community groups or check on the next door to see if anyone is giving away these items or selling them cheap.


Before moving in your furniture in the new house, a deep cleaning is important to ensure a hygienic environment inside the house. The previous house owner must have not taken the charge himself to clean up the house or even if he did he did not do it up to your standards. A proper and professional level cleaning should be given adequate importance. Most of the professional cleaning services charge by per hour or by per square foot so it totally depends on the size of the house how much it is going to cost you. With all the efforts you are putting in to get into your new house, you deserve a clean and spotless house.

Unless you have enough members from family and friends who are ready to help you, you will need professional packers and movers to do the job. Living in Pune, you can hardly expect your family or friends to be free to help you out with your shifting. Before hiring a best packers and movers company, you need to run a background check unless they are being suggested to you by your known people. Then the next step would be to understand how much they cost and how they structure their estimates to do the work. Several people from Pune claim that movers cost way more than they were contracted and this is because either there are only a few movers moving the stuff or there are too many surcharges levied on the stuff that is being moved. In order to maintain your budget balanced, you must get them on a fixed bid rather than going for hourly rates. There are people from Pune who said that they found the packers and movers in Pune to be unsatisfied as they were not tipped well which says that you tip the movers well and they do the work well.

Transportation services is an important factor while shifting. Usually the movers and packers company carries on with the transportation process too. Transportation need to be monitored by you personally in order to have a smooth but a safe movement of goods without breakage or theft. Once the transporters are promised good tip, they prefer to take extra care of the things. The transporters allotted with the transportation duty should be highly professional as the roads Pune are full of ditches and transporting the goods by a truck or a tempo may be difficult enough as Pune is a crowded city which has always road jams and frequent accidents. Professionalism by the transporters may turn out to be useful in these conditions and at the end you may feel that the extra tip you added was well deserved by them.

While packing or unpacking, the cost of food may spike up as no one feels to cook when doing a hectic job of shifting which results in ordering food from some restaurants or other online modes. Instead of ordering food from some place, you can just ask your family or friends to help you out with the food stuff which would save your time as well as the costings involved.

Shifting was never an easy job and while being staying in Pune which is a well crowded city, makes it even difficult. But if you have good family and friends who have got your back, then you don’t need to worry about shifting your house. They are going to help you out at every point and will help you reduce your cost of shifting as well. When trying to minimize the cost of shifting, never think about compromising on professionalism with the movers and packers as they play a really important role when shifting. They manage things from packing to transportation till the unpacking of the goods and are with you from the start till the end just to ensure that you do not face any trouble of doing everything all by yourself. They should be paid adequately and at points be given enough tip once you feel that they deserve it. The above tips may turn out to be useful enough for you while house shifting especially when you are living in Pune.

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