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Auspicious Graha Pravesh Dates in 2021 with Shubh Muhurat

Auspicious Graha Pravesh Dates in 2021 with Shubh Muhurat

One of the significant decisions in life that you can take as a family or person is moving into a new house. Your new house is an abode where you will not desire any kind of misfortune or bad luck to torment you. The earnest desire of your heart while moving into a new home hinges on prosperity and joy where all the family members will remain happy and healthy.

Safemove packers and movers is a reliable provider of home shifting services that can help you to make a safe transit to your new home with all your belongings on an auspicious day. Therefore, you will be able to perform the ceremonies and rituals involved in a Grihapravesh. Hence, you can be sure of attracting positivity and success thwarting off evil forces and negativity. If you perform the ritual on a propitious day by consulting the Panchang or the lunar calendar of Hindus then you will be able to bring wealth, happiness, and good health to your new home.

Types of Grihapravesh

In Hindu tradition, there are three kinds of Grihapravesh Puja performed in an Indian household. It depends on the home category to which you are moving.

1. Apurva Grihapravesh
In Hindu culture, it is a ceremony performed when a family or a person moves into the new home for the first time. The house can be an old or newly constructed one. If you are searching for domestic packers and movers that can help you to make a safe transit then Safemove packers and movers are the perfect service provider for the purpose.

Therefore, they offer insurance coverage to safeguard the interest of consumers. With the insurance facility, service provider protects their consumers from monetary losses in case the goods get damaged during transit. The professional packers and movers ensure the best coverage schemes and easy insurance claim procedures.

2. Sapurva Grihapravesh
This ritual is performed when a family or a person returns to the home after a long period, which was left vacant. It is also performed at times when people relocate to a home where other people were residing.

3. Dwandwa Grihapravesh for renovated and newly constructed home
This ceremony is performed when a person shifts to a house following its renovation and reconstruction. Houses reconstructed after natural calamities also fall in this category. As a reliable house shifting service provider, Safemove packers and movers can help you to relocate to your renovated or reconstructed home if you were living somewhere else.

Performing the Grihapravesh Puja
In a Grihapravesh Puja, a deity is worshiped before moving to the new house. The ceremony is performed to remove negative energies and to bring prosperity and happiness. It involves two main rituals Hawan Shanti and Vastu Puja for bringing opulence and peace.

Performing the Grihapravesh ceremony successfully
Find an auspicious date: In Hindu culture, you have specific dates in the calendar or Panchang, these days are believed to be auspicious for entering a new home. The four months, which are considered auspicious to move into a new home, are Magha, Phalguna, Baisakhi, and Jyeshta. To benefit your family if you have selected a date in any of these months then Safemove packers and movers can help with its household goods shifting services.

Decorating the house: In Hindu rituals and customs fresh marigold flowers and mango leaves are considered auspicious. Hence, it is imperative to decorate all the doors of the house with garlands of fresh flowers and mango leaves for bringing positivity to the new home. To mark celebratory spirits Rangolis are also made for marking the housewarming or Grihapravesh. It is believed that a beautiful home attracts joy and divine energies.

Vaastu Puja: This ritual is performed before stepping into the new home. Here, a Brahmin priest chants mantras for appeasing the Vastu deity, and his blessings are sought for a prosperous and happier home. The woman of the house breaks an ash guard and a coconut, which are left at the house entrance. Being one of the best packers and movers, Safemove packers and movers can help you to make a safe transit with all your belongings before the Vastu Puja is performed.

Kalash Puja: In this ritual, water is filled into a copper pot along with a coin and nine different grains. A coconut wrapped in red clothing is placed on the top of the copper pot. Mango leaves are placed under the coconut. Here, the priest chants some sacred mantras in the Kalash. The man and woman of the house carry this Kalash in the house by putting their right foot forward and leave it near the place of the Havana. Safemove packers and movers is a trusted vendor offering professional packers and movers service that can help you to shift all the necessary items to your new house safely.

Havana: This ritual is also known as the Griha Shanti Puja. Here, a fire is lighted for removing three sins committed during the construction of the house. These are digging the earth, cutting down trees, and breaking stones. In this ceremony, blessing and forgiveness are sought from God for protection and purification. The deities that are worshipped include Lord Ganesha and Navagrahas. Worshipping these, deities remove negativities and purify the new home. Another deity that is worshipped is Goddess Lakshmi for inducing financial prosperity and well-being. People perform sacrificial offerings like turmeric, ghee, milk, rice, and pumpkin. The objective of this ritual is to ensure that the five elements of nature are kept in balance. Owners may also perform Satyanarayan Puja or Ganapati Puja. Generally, the worship of these deities is performed after the Hawan for Vastu Shanti.

Boiling Milk: After successfully completing the Hawan, the women of the house will be boiling the milk at a predetermined time until it is spilling over for signifying wealth and abundance. The first offering is made to Kula Devata and then to the guests present.

Appeasing the priest with a meal: Once the Grihapravesh Puja is completed, the priest and the guests are offered a delicious meal.

Overnight Presence: The house owner and his family must reside overnight. An oil lamp is kept burning for attracting positive energies and divinity. Safemove packers and movers are among the trusted packers and movers who can help you to shift all the necessary items for the overnight stay in your new house.

Auspicious Griha Pravesh Muhurat
Let us check out some of the dates for Grihapravesh in the year 2021. In January (Magha) there is only one favorable date i.e. 9th January, Saturday in Ekadashi tithi. Whereas in February there are two, favorable dates i.e. 15th February and 22nd February. Both of these dates happen to be on Monday one in Panchami tithi and the other in Ekadashi tithi. Safemove packers and movers are one of the trusted packers and movers in Pune that can help you to relocate safely on the dates mentioned above.

In March there is only one date i.e. 15th March 2021, Friday Chaturthi tithi. In April, there are also two dates i.e. 16th April 2021 and 26th April 2021. These days are Friday and Monday respectively. In May, there are six dates i.e. 13th May, 14th May, 21st, May 22nd May 24th May, and 26th May. Whereas in June there are four dates on 4th June, 5th June, 19th June, and 26th June. If you choose to relocate to your new house on any of these days, then Safemove packers and movers as trusted movers and packers Pune can help you.

Favourable dates for Grihapravesh again come in the month of November i.e. 5th November, 6th November, 10th November, 20th November, and 29th November. Finally, in the year 2021, 13th December is the last date available. If you select any of this Grihapravesh Muhurat then you can count on the transportation services of Safemove packers and movers.

Date Day
9 January 2021 Saturday
15 February 2021 Monday
22 February 2021 Monday
15 March 2021 Monday
16 April 2021 Friday
26 April 2021 Monday
13 May 2021 Thursday
14 May 2021 Friday
21 May 2021 Friday
22 May 2021 Saturday
24 May 2021 Monday
26 May 2021 Wednesday
4 June 2021 Friday
5 June 2021 Saturday
19 June 2021 Saturday
26 June 2021 Saturday
5 November 2021 Friday
6 November 2021 Saturday
10 November 2021 Wednesday
20 November 2021 Saturday
29 November 2021 Monday
13 December 2021 Monday

Do’s and Don’ts of Griha Pravesh

You should not perform the Grihapravesh ceremony in the period of Holastak that starts eight days before Holi. This time around, the Holastak falls on 3rd March. If you are searching for a moving company that can help you to relocate in December then you can hire Safemove packers and movers. It will be better if you choose the days upfront falling Margasirsa of the lunar month. Try to avoid the Paush month as it is considered to bring bad fortune. You should conduct the Grihapravesh ceremony only after the construction of your house is completed. Keep in mind that you need to keep everything fixed and in place.

Make sure to bring the furniture only after completing the Grihapravesh puja. The only thing that is allowed is the gas stove for boiling milk or making Prasad for the ceremony. You must not forget to break a coconut at the threshold of your house to observe the Grihapravesh ceremony. Make sure to put your right foot forward while entering the new house for ensuring prosperity.

The idols of the deities need to be placed in East facing direction and it will be good if you can decorate the entrance of your new home with mango leaves and fresh flowers. You must not vacate the house after performing the Grihapravesh ceremony. If you are mourning the death of a close relative then you must not perform the Grihapravesh ceremony. It is also prohibited to hold a Grihapravesh ceremony if any of the women in the family is pregnant. Always use a mango leaf to sprinkle holy water in every corner of the house. Make sure to give alms in charity to the Brahmin or someone poor.

Performing Grihapravesh in Chaitara Navratri

Navratri is considered auspicious in Hindu tradition and its nine days are worthy to hold a Grihapravesh ceremony. Many people plan their move to the new home on this auspicious occasion as it prosperity in the new home. Chaitra Navratri is observed during March and people are eager to make a shift during this period of nine days, as it is believed that the new home will be filled with the blessings of Maa Durga.

Below are listed a few of the do’s and don’ts while performing Grihapravesh during Chaitra Navratri.

  • You must organize a special ceremony to pacify the nine planets or Navagrahas. It is known as the Graha Shanti Puja.
  • Never perform the Grihapravesh on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday. It is believed that planets have stronger impacts these days. If you enter your new home during these days then it may result in a negative implication.
  • Always enter your new home after placing Mangal Kalash, which is an earthen or brass pot containing water and placed at the entrance of your house. Make sure to draw a Swastika symbol on the Kalash and keep five mango leaves on the top of the Kalash.
  • Before you move into your new home, the head of the family must carry auspicious items jaggery, rice, coconut, and turmeric.
  • After entering the new home, you must install the figurine of Lord Ganesha, a conch shell, and Sri Yantra for welcoming Goddess Lakshmi into your new abode.
  • Men should enter by placing their right foot and women should enter by placing the left foot first. Doing so will keep all kinds of Vastu Dosha away from your new home.
  • You must place a Kalash filled with water in the Northeast direction. It will attract prosperity and happiness to your new home. In this process, you must make sure to chant the Ganesha mantra. You must follow it by installing the Kalash in the place where there is a need to perform a Puja.
  • ou must purify the room for worship and the kitchen. For this purpose, you can lit a Diya and incense stick in the kitchen and draw a Swastika symbol on the gas stove with a paste made from rice, kumkum, and turmeric.
  • Make sure to boil the milk as soon as you enter the house because it will attract good fortune in your new home.
  • ake sure to keep green vegetables and jaggery in the kitchen as it attracts positivity.
  • You can offer food and alms for the impoverished, as it will attract God’s blessings.

Moving into your new house is going to be an event of a lifetime, as you will be spending most of your days under its safe recluse. Thus, it is important to hold a Grihapravesh ceremony in full grandeur where everyone will bless the house for better days ahead.

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