Bike Transport Service

Bike Transport Service

You may come across several people who have availed the services of professional packers and movers when it comes down to safe shipping of bikes from one location to another. There cannot be any denial of the fact that the packers and movers industry have taken the world by storm. People at some point in their life come across a situation where they need to transport bikes or cars from one location to another. Hence, it is quite natural that they heavily rely on experienced movers and packers for dealing with their transit process particularly bike transportation. Safemove can cater to your effective bike shifting services from our reliable professionals whom you can trust.

Why do you need a bike transport service?

Now the big question is why people tend to hire expert bike relocation services from professional moving companies. Well, the answer to this question lies in the minds of those who have previously hired a moving company to transport their bike from one place to another. There could be a plethora of reasons that compel people to transport their bikes to a new destination. Suppose, you have purchased a new bike however, you cannot ride on it for covering long distances. If the location is far away from your residence then by the time you will reach the new destination you could be completely worn out. Thus, it makes sense to get in touch with a competent service provider like Safemove that will pay heed to every minute detail and come up with a comprehensive solution such that it proves beneficial to you.

Your bike holds a place of pivotal importance in your life and you will wish to simplify the bike transportation process. Before hiring packers and movers near me, it is important to consider the following, which are as follows:

Get in touch with an experienced company: Being experienced in the field of bike transporting is a rare virtue. Only a handful of companies can honestly proclaim that they possess substantial experience with a cent percent record of accomplishment. You have to make sure that the company is having the right experience when it comes to dealing with bike transportation safely.

Ask relevant questions: Keep in mind that your bike is a valuable asset precious to you. You must not hesitate to ask the questions that cross your mind. You need to be sure that your bike is in hands of a trustworthy packing and moving company and it will be transported safely without any tarnish.

Dedicated Workers: Although it is difficult to adjudge the quality of staff and workers, still you need to work with a company that has dedicated and honest workers. You can check user reviews to ascertain their quality.

Request for a quote: Make sure to compare the services of multiple companies. Take into account whether they are providing insurance on the bike that you have to transport. Reliable companies offer insurance on the items that you wish to move. You have to ensure that the vehicle transport service you are opting for suits your budget. Further, you must feel free to enquire about hidden costs and other liabilities.

Safemove is a reliable company that can fulfil the above requirements and can promise you safe transportation which your bike deserves.

Transporting your bike from one place to another is a new fad and the professional companies that are entrusted with this assignment possess the needful resources to ship your bike to the destination intended. Hiring a vehicle shifting service is a safe and cost-efficient alternative when you wish to make a safe transit to a new destination. Here are some of the few tips that you can consider while transporting a bike from one location to another.

  • Before loading-unloading, the company must inspect to ensure that they have picked the right bike.
  • There is a need to pen down pre-existing conditions in your bike such as scratches, bumps, or dents. To be on the safe side you must document the mileage and gas before it is loaded in the truck and while unloading when the truck has reached its destination.
  • You have to make sure that you have read the report. If anything happens to your bike then you can claim compensation for the damages done.
  • You must not be scared about the process. It is just a precautionary measure.

You can think of it as having a protected headgear while riding a bike. It does not imply that you will have an accident on the road. Honestly speaking it is just a safety protocol that you have to follow. When you hire our bike transport service you have to take down a note of the location from where we will pick your bike and where we will deliver. Hence, if you are in Delhi and want to move to Lucknow then we will let you know the location of both the cities for pick and drop of your bike

Make a fair deal

You need to be honest with the bike shipping service about the items that you are having on the bike. Each of the trucks is going to be weighed whenever they cross a state. If the truck is heavier than what it should be then they may become liable to pay fines. If time permits then remove all additional items from your bike so that it does not cause a problem to the driver and the truck company.

Before you sign the contract, make sure to read all the finer points in the contract to prevent confusion later. You must be well aware of your rights and duties. Moreover, you must understand the fee structure and other information in the contract. If there is any confusion while signing, the contracts make sure to reach out to our bike shifting services for an explanation. Our bike carrier service is here to exceed your expectations. So, visit our office or give us a call and let us know your requirement, we will be happy to serve you for safe bike transportation.

Why choose us?

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