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How to Find the Right Moving Company in Pune?

How to Find the Right Moving Company in Pune?

Shifting home can be a daunting task, especially when you need to research the packers and movers in Pune or in any other city. You may find an ample number of packers and movers in the city, but how to know which one will meet your requirement and will fit in your budget? The whole process requires huge planning. If you are looking for a stress-free and smooth relocation, then excellent detailing is a must, and you should go with Safe Packers and Movers Company. A trusted company will help you right from packing, loading, unloading and unpacking.

So, how to ensure that you have hired reliable packers and movers so that you can remain assured about your precious and fragile items. All such factors are very crucial while moving local or long distances. Fortunately, we have come up with certain points which you should check while hiring top packers and movers in Pune

Let’s pen them down!

Take a reputation survey

Look for the people who have already outsourced any packers and movers and have availed their service. Their feedback about that company will let you know about the company’s reputation in the market.

Read reviews and complaints

There are tons of reviews available on the internet regarding any packers and movers company. You can get an idea about their work through such reviews.

While reading reviews, observe the way other people are describing the company and their way of working. In case of any negative reviews, please go through them as that customer might be a little picky and place the blame in the wrong direction. In case of more negative reviews, leave that company.

Get a quote

Once you have checked the reputation of packers and movers in Pune and are assured about their quality work, the next task is to get an estimation. Talk with them about the door-to-door shifting and verify all the exclusions of the company. This will help you to escape from any hidden charges. Ensure that you talk about volume quoted, transit time, service inclusion, door-to-door rates, inclusive taxes, insurance claim and union charges. Such a clear conversation will give a clear understanding of the overall charges.

Check the license of the Company

After finalizing all the commercial parts, it’s time to check the license of the Company. Trust the company, which is registered legally. This will ensure that they will move all your stuff legally from your previous residence to the new one. Even some companies don’t provide insurance services. You also need to check this before finalizing the deal.

Visit the Company

It is always recommended to visit the company personally to know their physical address and how many vehicles they have for transportation. Although this might be a time taking task for you, it is a crucial thing as it develops the trust between you and the packers and movers company. In their office, you can talk personally about the moving procedure and meet with the team to take care of your shifting process. By meeting personally, you can also let the vendor know about your personalized needs, like you can let them know about any fragile item you want them to take personal attention while shifting.

Questions you should ask the moving company

There are many questions which you can ask the packers and movers Company. Below is the list:

  • Ask them about the registration number
  • Where to contact company in case of any complaint
  • Inquire about insurance services
  • Ask about any hidden charges
  • Do they use any subcontractors?
  • Do they provide any storage service?

Apart from the above basic questions, there are a few more which you should discuss with the transportation company.

Do they provide boxes?

Most of the companies provide their packing boxes of different sizes. You should ask the company in detail about it.

What are the things to be checked in the moving contract?

There are a lot of things to be checked in the moving contract. Important aspects of being looked at include: License information, date and time of transportation, name, destination address, pickup and delivery time, company’s charges, additional fee, etc.

Is negotiation possible in charges?

Yes, like other service-based companies, you can negotiate with the packers and movers company. A good negotiation can end up in great savings.

Check about the insurance facility?

Insurance is a key factor you should look at in any packers and movers company before joining hands with them. The company should provide compensation in case of any damage. Just like health insurance and life insurance, you should pay attention to moving protection so that your household belongings will remain insured. You should understand their policy’s terms and conditions. Verify below things in the insurance policy:

  • Reduced deduction when the claim is made
  • Confirm about insurance premium rate
  • Time taken in claim processing
  • What is included and excluded in the policy

Read the documents carefully while signing

Read the agreement and check about all the commercials. Show them that you have a lot of belongings to be shifted. Sign only when you have checked all the major and minor details


It is not difficult to get information about top packers and movers in Pune or any other city. This article will surely help you in finding the best match for your luggage transportation. Once you decide to relocate to another place, start looking for reviews of different packers and movers in Pune. Visit their office and know everything about their company and work process. Ask them about commercials and advance payments if needed.

It is always better to have a clear conversation with the transportation company before shifting so that you won’t end up with a mess at the time of transportation. You can also choose two or three transportation companies, visit their offices separately, and join hands with the most suitable one for you.

Have a happy shift!

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