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How to Get an Accurate Packing and Moving Rates?

When you hire Packers and Movers, there are various aspects on which the final estimate of moving will depend. Moving is a stressful situation, and the most concerning part are the price your transportation company will take for providing services. If you are outsourcing any service, you have to pay a lot. Some companies are not authentic, as they may charge hidden costs and can thug clients.

You should know about the factors on which your transportation charges will depend, and today in this write-up, we will discuss all such aspects.

It is pivotal to choose a vendor with well-trained professionals who can efficiently handle loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, and moving. This write-up will discuss some of the risks involved in choosing unorganized transportation vendors.

Make a list of belongings that you will shift

This is an important task, as your moving charges will depend on the number of belongings. In case of a higher number of items, your shifting charges will be high and vice versa. Moreover, if you have some additional relocation needs, then pen it down first; this will prevent you from unnecessary problems and extra charges at the last moment.

Make a note of delicate items

Your moving charges will also depend on the number of delicate items you have. Such delicate items need special packing, and this increases the shifting charges. Items like flower vases, musical instruments, antiques require special attention. The best Packers and Movers will wrap such items cautiously but may charge some extra penny for such a task.

Tell the professionals about lift or stairs

Shifting stuff from the ground floor is easy, as professionals don’t have to climb stairs to carry the stuff. But living on higher floors will make the work difficult for these guys, especially when you have heavy stuff or don’t have a lift in the building. Hence their charges will vary in such conditions. The transportation company will charge extra for labor costs, based on the difficulty level of shifting.

Decide the moving day

Your shifting day also decides the price. If you want to make your shifting economical, you need to pre-plan your moving date. Shifting on weekends, festival season, or month-end is costly. Premium rates will be charged during such days. Additionally, you may also expect quality service from the transportation company. Being busy on such days, they won’t be able to pay extra attention to your shifting process.

Share all the information with the company

You may think of hiding some information from the company while asking for quotations. You may skip about fragile items or the floor on which you live currently. But all such factors matter a lot, and skipping such information may end you up with additional charges on your moving day.

Tell the company about electronic items

Many electronic items need to be de-assembled during shifting. This may include an air conditioner, tv, or anything. Your transportation company may charge extra for such items as their professionals need to de-assemble them properly before packing. Hence make sure that you discuss everything with your vendor.

Ways to interact with Packers and Movers

While talking with any packers and movers, you should have a clear idea about your requirements. This is especially important when you are dealing with 2-3 vendors. Ensure that you should be consistent with every vendor while discussing the requirements.

Let’s pen down some of the factors which you should keep in mind while talking with the transportation vendors:

You should always contact licensed vendors

Never believe in companies that give you the lowest quotation. Honest companies will never give quality services at unrealistic low prices. Also, genuine companies will have a license and a clean record of previous customers. They will also offer you insurance services to get the claim in case of any damage. Hence it is suggested to check the necessary documents of the company before finalizing the deal.

Be consistent with your needs

Dealing with only 1 or 2 vendors is not enough, as you won’t get the exact quotation from both of them. Hence, it is suggested to contact at least three vendors to make price comparison easy for you. However, one point to be noted here is that you should always share the exact needs with all three vendors to get the relevant quotation.

Share all the essential information with the vendor

Ensure that you never miss any important information while talking with your vendor. You should let them know about the number of fragile items, lift availability, and your moving date. If you miss such things, this may lead to increased charges at the last moment, as your vendor may or may not be prepared for such conditions.

Request the vendor to visit your home before the move

The estimate you get over the phone is the approximate one, and the actual cost may vary. To avoid any surprises at the last moment, request your vendor to visit your home and look at the shifting stuff to give the final quotation. Once they get an idea of your stuff and your home location, they will give the exact quotation.

Only one person should be in touch with the vendor

People may have different perspectives on the same situation. Hence ensure either you or your spouse should contact the movers. You can make internal discussions before communicating with the vendor, but it will be better to have a single point of contact for all the vendors to avoid any confusion.

Bottom line

Relocation is a challenging task, but you can make it a cakewalk if you follow the above-mentioned guidelines. Also, treat transportation professionals in a friendly manner. Never be too rude with them (so that they won’t want to work with you) and never be too friendly (they think of you as an easy target). You should be serious regarding the shifting process, but let the vendor know that you are always ready to help them.

Hiring transportation vendors is a costly affair, but you can cut down the cost in many aspects through proper planning. Start looking for the best Packers and Movers one month prior to your shifting for a hassle-free journey.

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