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Local Home Shifting Tips & Checklist by Safemove!

Shifting your home means shifting your comfort zone, this can be an emotional moment for you. It takes some time to adjust to a new place, and such a feeling can be daunting. Moreover, relocating your whole stuff and taking care of even the smallest thing can be a difficult task. You can also take help from packers and movers Katraj Pune for taking care of everything. Today in this write-up, we will cover each aspect of relocation, which can work as a checklist to ease your shifting procedure. We have made your work easier by dividing the whole work into steps to keep you on track.

So, let's begin!

You need to plan everything right before 1 month of shifting. Firstly, you need to ask yourself some questions to yourself.

  • Will you give one month's notice to your current landlord?
  • Will you pack all the stuff by yourself, or will you need Packers and Movers Katraj to do it on your behalf?
  • Make a list of electrical appliances to relocate to the new house.
  • Are there any household items that you need to sell?
  • Is there any magazine or newspaper subscription that needs to be cancelled?
  • Do you need any cleaning service to clean the vacant home?
  • Number of boxes you will need to pack your stuff?

When you think about all such points, you will reduce the complications while shifting.

Check the items which you don't need now

This is an important step to save your money, as you won't pay for the junk items. Such de-cluttering will shed out unwanted things from your belongings. Let's discuss some de-cluttering tips.

  • Enter in each room and look at the furniture and showpieces. Some items may have gone old, and you don't want that in your new home.
  • Enter in the kitchen to find out the appliances you want to relocate. There may be some items that you can donate or resell.
  • Check your wardrobe to cut down the old clothes you don't need. You can donate some old footwear or throw unwanted newspapers, journals or books.

Note down the things which you want to carry

You need to make a list of items you want to carry with you. It's better to pack your personal and important things and leave the rest of the work on Packers and Movers Katraj. Remember, all the transportation vendors are not professionals. Hence, you need to find the one with good reviews and excellent service.

Making your inventory list will make it easy to cross-check the items during the final move. You can easily find out what you are missing or which got damaged.

Packing tips before the move

Never forget to take a picture of your belongings which you can prove that your stuff was not damaged before relocation. This would help you claim if any stuff got damaged during relocation.

  • Pack lighter items first like your newspaper, towel, magazine, etc. After that, you can put heavier items over them.
  • Do labeling in each box and their location in a new home.
  • Pack your drinks, hammer, utensils, cups, clothes, and other daily necessities in a separate box.
  • Avoid overloading stuff in the box, as it may drop them during transportation.

Purchase packing supplies

Boxes: Boxes of various sizes are available in the market or buy them from packing and moving companies. Ensure that they are in good condition while purchasing.

Bubble Wraps: You should purchase some bubble wraps to protect your stuff, especially the fragile ones, to avoid damage during transportation.

Packing Tape: Purchase some rolls of packing taps from the market; you can close your boxes with these tapes.

Marker Pen: You should label your boxes appropriately to avoid hassle while reaching your destination. Mark the boxes containing essential stuff which you will need immediately after reaching your new home with a permanent marker.

Packing tips for each room

Above, we have discussed making an inventory list; now, it's time to pack the inventory separately.


  • If you have any frozen items pack them in coolers
  • Cover your dishes in bubble wrap.
  • Pack the glasses in sanctioned cartoons.
  • Defrost your refrigerator atleast 2 days before your shifting.

Dining Room

  • Pack your carpet by rolling it. Disassemble your furniture.
  • Pack your decor by using bubble wrap.

Living Room and Bedroom

  • Pack your beddings, remove and pack the bulbs and keep books and CDs in boxes.
  • Pack your valuable belongings separately.


  • Keep your towels and bathmats in separate boxes.
  • Pack your bottles by sealing them.

Other packing tips

  • If you have a big family, it's better to put the stuff of each family member in separate boxes.
  • Write the list of items kept in the box, on the side of the box. You can number the boxes and use different colors to distinguish them.
  • Pack the fragile and non-essential things separately.

The above information is all about packing the stuff in an old home. Now let's take a look at how to unpack the stuff at your new home.

Organizing the things at new home

Even though you have shifted things to a new home, the story doesn't end here. You can relax for some time before starting the next episode of unpacking. So, let's begin.

Unpack the cartoons

Once packed during shifting, now it's the time to unpack and re-assemble the entire thing at their place. Be careful while unpacking to avoid any damage.

Look for damage

Check your inventory list to look for any missing or damaged items. You can also claim damage to packers and movers Katraj Pune in case of damage.

Hope this article will help to make your relocation an easier one. Before relocation, you need to decide whether you want to hire packers and movers to take care of your entire packing or do it by yourself. The choice is yours!

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