Home Shifting is one of the clumsiest things one could go through in their lives. The list of things to prepare for never seems to end and the bills seem to increase on their own. Depending on your budget, you need to look for the best options, make the right calls at the right time, and spend every ounce of energy you have on packing.

In such a situation, you need all the help you can get and so, today we are here with an article to make your stressful journey of home shifting a bit easy.

Here's a checklist of thing of things you could follow while you go through with moving your home.


Never be casual about the material that you are using while packing your things.

You must be thinking what's wrong with newspapers and basic cardboard boxes, but bubble-wrap and proper boxes and strong tapes have their own charm in packaging.


To pack everything you have owned over the years into boxes is not an easy job, but it has to be done if you are house shifting. But when should you start packing?

The thing most of us end up doing is, we start packing way ahead of time and then we start living out of the box. The ultimate result, in this case, is at the end everything gets messed up. So, remember never start packing way too early.

But that does not mean you should live everything for the last minute.


Just using the proper packaging material is not enough. While you are packing your items in a categorized manner into boxes, the thing that you should remember is to label the boxes.

The labels should include what the boxes hold, whether they are fragile and should be handled with extra care or not, where they are supposed to be when your items have been moved to your new home, etc.

This way, when you unpack, the job becomes less hectic and composed.


The one thing you should never do while moving is, pack important documents in random boxes. Before packing your documents into the box(s), categorize them into files that have proper labeling and then put them inside boxes. This way you would know while unpacking which documents lie in which file and the chaos are a bit less.

While you should pack everything important properly, don't take the junks with you. In every existing household, there are junks that are of no use. We never get rid of this stuff thinking we might need them someday, or we are just lazy enough to get rid of them.

But, the truth is you will never need this stuff and if you don't get rid of these while you are moving you never will. So, just do it and get rid of the junks and make a fresh start.


Yes, you could always pack your things yourselves, but it's always better to appoint professional packers and movers. While being professional movers they will take care of everything that has to be done during the process, from separately moving the fragile and non-fragile items to placing them in their destined room, the packers team will take care of anything and everything that has to be done related to packing. They even provide the proper packaging material that has bubble wrap and strong tapes. With the help of their house shifting services, you could try and calm down the hectic process of moving a bit.


While every packers and movers provide transportation services, you need to choose a company that is reliable enough. Without proper transportation services, you cannot rely on the company to safely move your things from one place to another.


Is packing and moving enough? Don't you need to unpack? First, you need to keep the proper boxes in the proper places. You can't unbox everything together and you should not open up everything. Choose a corner and finish that up. Be slow but steady and organized because nobody wants their new house to be a messed up junk house!

These are some basic tips that you can follow to lessen down the chaos. Apart from these, there are several things that you should take care of before moving out or while moving out.

Like, before you finally move out, take care of your old property. Depending on your situation, you could either sell it off before you leave the property for one last time or you could also put it up for sale properly so that the deed is done as soon as possible.

Another thing is, never think you are enough alone. While you might have your family to help during the pre-moving out process, some extra help never hurts anyone. The more the help, the easier the process.

Thirdly, in order to appoint a good packers and movers team, don't go beyond your limit. Always try to stay within your budget, because moving is a very costly process and you never know when a new bill comes up. So, never spent extra, try and find out good but cheap things.

But these are all just tips and suggestions, you either follow them or you don't. But even if you follow them by heart, you still need to be careful as much as you can. A single careless step just can’t mess up the whole set up but also can cost you a few more bills.

So, take the leap you have always been waiting to take, and move to your new house. Just be careful, systematic, and scheduled and make a moving checklist so that you won’t miss anything.

Always remember slow and steady never loses the race.

With that thought, for today we come to the end of our article.

Happy moving!

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