Are you thinking to shift your office or home? If yes, then the biggest problem is relocating the valuable goods from one place to another. Also, the delicate products need to be transferred with additional care so that they can transit in properly without getting damaged. Packing the stuff and moving it to another location can be a bit daunting task to execute it solely. But, here we are with a solution. Our Pune will do all the work for you effectively without any hitch.

Our Movers and Packers in Pune services offer you quick, effortless, and dependable services and do an excellent job in office relocation, home shifting, and corporate relocation. Safemove has expertise in packing assets with proper compassion and care. Our team of safe Packers and movers works diligently to move your stuff without any damage. Our Movers Packers Pune is available in most of the cities in India providing transportation services and reliable shifting

List of Services Offered by Safemove
Here is the list of services offered through our Trusted Packers and Movers:

Packers and Movers Local Homeshifting Charges

1 BHK Volume of Household Goods
  • Packing cost RS. 1000-3500
  • Lebour Charges RS. 1000-2500
  • Transporting Charges RS. 2500-4500
Total Approx Charges
RS. 4500-10500
2 BHK Volume of Household Goods
  • Packing cost RS. 2000-7500
  • Lebour Charges RS. 2500-6000
  • Transporting Charges RS. 2500-6500
Total Approx Charges
RS. 7000-20000
3 BHK Volume of Household Goods
  • Packing cost RS. 2900-9000
  • Lebour Charges RS. 3000-8000
  • Transporting Charges RS. 4000-8500
Total Approx Charges
RS. 9900-25500
4 BHK Volume of Household Goods
  • Packing cost RS. 4000-12000
  • Lebour Charges RS. 3500-9500
  • Transporting Charges RS. 5000-10500
Total Approx Charges
RS. 12500-32000

Note - The prices given are only approximate estimates of packer and moving costs for local moves. The actual moving service prices may vary.
  • Bike Transport
  • Car Transport
  • Home Relocation
  • Office Shifting
  • Storage Services
  • Local Shifting Services
  • Transport Services
  • Corporate and Industry Relocation

Today, the requirement for Relocation Company in Pune is more significant. According to the requirement of consumers, moving companies in Pune offer personalized services to relocate the good in a hassle-free manner.

Benefits of Hiring Safemove 
Are you thinking to hire home shifting services in Pune? If yes, then check out the benefits that you can grab by hiring Safemove. A consumer if taking our Movers Packers Pune services will never compromise on any aspect. Safemove is a trusted name that you can rely on for relocating the goods. Here are some of the pointers that will entrust you why our Packers in Pune are best among the rest:

There are plenty of benefits of hiring our Movers and Packers Pune services. Firstly we are efficient and safe. When you hire us, we will ensure that your decorative items, furniture, appliances are safely moved. While providing the home shifting services in Pune, we cautiously pack all the stuff with proper cushioning and wrapping soft material. Packing is done systematically in a way that goods can be adjusted in minimum space. Along with it, delicate items are packed and moved with extra care.

When the truck arrives at a destination, our workforce will unload stuff and unpack it. You can set the large appliances and heavy furniture at the time of unloading.

  • Claims and Insurance

    We are a professional shifting company so we provide transit insurance which covers all goods being transported. You can be stress-free as you will get coverage for your belongings during shifting home. If any chance there is any accidental damage, your claims will be settled in a few days. But, we won’t let this situation arise as all the goods are transported very cautiously to avoid the damage.

  • Partial Packing

    Sometimes, people move to a new place one by one. One person settles all the things in a new location before another member follows. It is quite a common thing especially when your children have a strict schooling schedule. At Safemove, we make sure that all the stuff is packed properly without disrupting the stuff of other people. It makes partial packing safe and reliable.

  • Affordable

    The hiring cost of safemove is very affordable. When packing stuff alone, you will get tired and have spent hours or maybe days to pack the stuff. After this, you have to hire a truck to transfer all your stuff. This task is very tedious. And on another hand, our major objective is packing the stuff cautiously and transporting it safely. Our charges are affordable for the customers.

  • Warehousing

    Our professional services provide warehousing services when moving to another city. This means that there is a time gap between leaving the current location and shifting to another one. While shifting the stuff alone finding the warehouse facility is a difficult task and safety is also at stake. But with us, all your stuff is secured. We check all the warehouse arrangements before loading the stuff. After we are sure about safety than your goods are ready to store. You can get the steady and convenient services from our Pune to Mumbai.

Packers And Movers Pune To Other City Household Moving Estimated Cost

Shifting Volume/City Pune to Mumbai Pune to Hyedrabad Pune to Bangalore Pune to Chennai Pune to Ahmedabad Pune to Delhi Pune to Nagpur
1 BHK RS.6000-13000 RS.8000-19000 RS.10000-20000 RS.10000-22000 RS.8000-19000 RS.12000-21000 RS.9000-19000
2 BHK RS.11000-22000 RS.15000-25000 RS.19000-32000 RS.20000-35000 RS.18000-31000 RS.22000-35000 RS.21000-32000
3 BHK RS.21000-35000 RS.22000-39000 RS.29000-41000 RS.30000-45000 RS.25000-38000 RS.28000-43000 RS.25000-38000
4 BHK RS.30000-40000 RS.28000-41000 RS.31000-45000 RS.35000-48000 RS.29000-43000 RS.30000-49000 RS.29000-45000
Why Hire Safemove?
Relocating the new place is exciting but the process of shifting is a bit cumbersome. Our Local charges are reasonable that match the industry standards for packing and moving your stuff. Below are the enlisted reasons why to select us from the bunch of packing and moving companies

1.Our moving assistant will pre-survey all your goods and then mapping out is done to move your stuff.
2. Our online presence also supports smartphone applications so you can easily book and track us anytime.
3. Our in Pune have a skilled workforce and vehicles are GPS enables that carry your goods.
4. Packing is done systematically by using fabric sheets, LCD/LED boxes, canvas book bags, corrugated sheets, reusable bags, safety belts, carriers for plant and pets, and many more.
5. We are available 24*7 to resolve your queries in minimal time.

Safemove Maintain Quality Aligned With Policies

  • Before adding a moving company in our online directory, we undergo through proper research.
  • During the process of packing and moving the goods, Movers in Pune will keep an eye on the belongings so that it can reach safely to its destination.
  • You can be completely dependent on us when it comes to the security and safety of goods. It is our responsibility to deliver the goods safely to the new place.
  • We vigorously research whether the enlisted companies are professional, skilled, and licensed. Also, check whether they have prior experience in relocation services in Pune.
  • We Safemove are the best packer’s movers Pune, as this is the belief of our clients.

Best in Pune- Pleased to Help You!!

Planning to shift within the city or outside? Don’t think hard and let our Packers Movers Pune services provide you excellent work. Now, to get the services to call us now and we will be glad to hear it from you. Don’t waste your time and efforts in shifting it yourself as it will disrupt your daily schedule. You just observe how our shifting company systematically do their work. You will get the best moving company experience and shifting quotes in accordance with your relocation requirements. So, don’t look for near me on internet more. Call us and avail the best services!

Car and Bike Transport Pune To Other City

From To Bike Car
Pune Mumbai RS.2000-4500 RS.3000-5000
Pune Hyderabad RS.3000-6000 RS.5000-11000
Pune Madhya Pradesh RS.3000-6500 RS.6000-12000
Pune Gujrat RS.3500-6000 RS.6000-13000
Pune Andhra Pradesh RS.3500-6500 RS.6000-15000
Pune Banglore RS.3500-6500 RS.6000-13000
Pune Chennai RS.4000-7000 RS.7000-16000
Pune Uttar Pradesh RS.4000-8000 RS.7000-18000
Pune Delhi RS.4000-6500 RS.6000-17000
Pune Tamilnadu RS.4000-8000 RS.6000-17000
Pune Kolkatta RS.4000-8500 RS.6000-18000
Pune Bihar RS.4000-8000 RS.7500-17000

Note - The prices mentioned are just valuations that need to be considered with regard to standard moves. However, the final price may vary depending on the quality of service, the number of vehicles, vehicle type, and the brand choice of the mover.
  • 12.5K
    + Home Shifting
  • 2K
    + Office Relocated
  • 1K
    + Vehicle Shifting
  • 40K
    + Square Feet Storage