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Pune is one of the clean and big cities in India. It is on the global map as an IT Hub, an Automobile Hub, and a culturally rich city. Pune India houses a number of prestigious manufacturing giants, IT bigwigs, and Multi-national Companies of repute. Various big and small start-ups are a part of the industrial network of the city.

Due to this dynamic commercial and industrial scenario, Pune is buzzing with various business-related activities. This has created a strong need of good storage in Pune. Many times, people leave the city temporarily for some reason, and they are looking out for good storage facilities and trusted storage service providers.

Why are comprehensive storage solutions important?
Proper and safe storage of materials and goods is extremely important. It prevents damage, theft, and deterioration in the quality of goods and materials. The goods and items get properly organized so it is easy to retrieve them.

Professional movers and packers offer household storage and business storage facilities to their esteemed customers. This not only assures complete safety but smoothens the shifting process as well.

So, while planning your relocation in Pune, ensure that your packers and movers offer warehouse services and have a well-equipped storage facility in Pune. Safemove offers reliable and safe storage services in Pune.

Safe and Secure Household and Office Storage Services in Pune Safemove is a trusted name in office storage and household storage in Pune. The facility is equipped to store household items, fragile items, office furniture including electronic appliances, computers, CPUs, antiques, statues, musical instruments, crockery, office files and documents, linens, and many more.

While looking for good storage space in Pune, you must choose depending on its excellent security features, economical price, varied storage options, and so on. Duration-wise, Safemove packers and movers in Pune offers its clientele, both types of storage options.

  • Short Term Storage
  • Long Term Storage

The short-term storage covers the period of fewer than three months while the long-term duration of storage enables you to keep your stuff for a longer time. While discussing your storage needs with your movers services, be clear about valuables and precious items. Safemove movers and packers Pune has a spacious and secure storage warehouse in Pune, for your short-term and long-term storage needs.

How to Hire a Safe Storage Service Provider in Pune?
Before hiring a safe storage service provider in Pune, check his credentials. Know in detail about the company and find about their customer reviews. Get details about the payment terms of the company and ensure that it offers affordable rates and insurance coverage. If you need to store for a longer duration, check whether your movers and packer offer a flexible rental plan.

When you store your goods during the process of relocation, your assets are at stake. So, compromising the quality of safety would be a huge mistake. Make sure the storage facility has round-the-clock surveillance, advanced safety features, well-trained security personnel, and everything that will give you complete peace of mind.

Before hiring a storage service provider in Pune, do thorough research on the concerned mover company. Then get in touch with them, give your relocation information and clarify your requirements. Based on those, the movers and packers will give you a quote and if you find everything valuable, for money, go for it.

Safemove movers and packers Pune is a renowned name in the storage space in Pune. The company also offers storage space of rent in Pune, home storage services, and self-storage in Pune.

How Do We Work? Safemove packers movers Pune is a company that offers transportation, storage services, and secure storage facilities, which are cost-effective. Our secured warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art features including 24 hours security, smoke detectors, and more. We offer hassle-free storage in flexible payment terms. Pune is the largest city in India and the relocation demands are always rising. Our warehousing services involve a stringent procedure covering the following steps.

  • The client gives us an idea about the volume and type of his goods to be stored. He or she then books for safe storage.
  • The client packs the boxes and schedules the pick-up date and time.
  • We transport the belongings safely and soundly to our storage space.
  • We unload the goods and store them systematically in our storage warehouses with the highest safety standards.
  • We see to it that adequate security arrangements are made.
  • The client can schedule a return as per the requirement and we follow the return process.

Why choose us as a secure storage provider in Pune?

Safemove packers & movers are a one-stop destination for secure storage. We provide long-term as well as temporary storage. Safemove is one of the most trusted storage and warehousing services in Pune, and the reasons are multi-fold. Best household storage facilities

Safemove packers movers Pune is committed to delivering you secure household storage services for various types of household goods. We insist on using the best quality packing materials for our household items storage.

With an array of facilities and comprehensive security measures, Safemove movers and packers Pune is ideal for long-term household storage. Whatever the list of items, our household storage units are perfect to store them.

Secure Storage

We at Safemove packers and movers in Pune pride ourselves on comprehensive client service and focus on client satisfaction. With our modern features and ultra-safe storage warehouses, we take great care of your goods and belongings. Our warehouse space is well equipped and regularly inspected.

We are applauded for our safe household storage. For all types of storage of household items of different sizes, shapes, and volumes, the first preference in Pune is Safemove. Our highly trained and skilled packers follow a very secure storage process. Your office goods or household materials are neatly packed in a variety of packages of high quality and are stored safely.

Secure storage process, dedicated security guards, and facilities like alarm systems, CCTV surveillance, inventory management, regular cleaning and weekly vacuum, make Safemove movers and packers in Pune the best storage services in Pune and also, the best services in storage on rent in Pune.

Economical Rates

Families and corporates in Pune choose Safemove, not just because of impeccable quality but also for accurate storage costs. Affordable storage is the main highlight of our storage services in Pune. In spite of reasonable rate approximate, our array of storage has no compromise quality.

We also offer a long-term storage facility with the basis of annual payments. We are sensitive to the needs of various clients and deliver customized solutions, which are perfectly tailor-made for their unique requirements.

Relocation is a tough task and in case of some unforeseen events or unfortunate occurring, we ensure that you suffer minimum loss. Safemove packer movers in Pune offers insurance cover on your goods and the claims are settled immediately.

Hassle free Service
Safemove movers Pune is renowned for trustworthy solutions of storage in Pune. As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified storage company, we have a very customer-centric approach. Our warehouse storage services, product storage services and transportation services are benefitting customers for over 2 decades.

We have multiple loading docks with ample storage space. We have an expert relocation and caring staff, to ensure that your relocation and storage are smooth and fast. Our documentation process is very easy, for both office as well household goods items storage.

Once our quote is approved by you and you give us go ahead, you’re shifting and storage requirements are catered to, in a highly professional manner. The transportation vehicles and in perfect conditions and the drivers are thorough professionals.

Storage Capacity
Safemove movers in Pune goes the extra mile in giving the best in class in storage and warehousing. We see to it that every inch is used to optimize storage capacity and warehouse efficiency. Our warehouses have extra storage space. If you have extra furniture, we can offer you extra space for office as well as household goods storage.
We have 20,000 square feet of well-equipped and safe items storage facility in Pune. It has ideal infrastructure and amenities including wooden pallets, for on-demand household storage, industrial or office storage.

Instant Access
The highest level of customer delight is at the top of our charts. Safemove values our customer’s time. As one of the professional movers companies, we provide instant access to our customers. We are just a phone call away and poised to meet your storage needs round the clock.
We have a well-chalked-out customer support system. You are free to ask for any help or solution. All your suggestions are welcome, as we are always happy to improve and upgrade for better service. With our support, you are able to track down the status of goods anytime at your convenience.

On-Time Delivery and Pick-up
Whenever you want your goods picked up or delivered to the desired destination, we are there on time. Safemove relocation company is a total value-for-money warehousing company, giving the most prompt and time-saving services to our customers.

Easy Retrieval Facility
When you want to reclaim your goods or documents, we waste no time. Your storage packages are made accessible to you whenever you want them. Easy retrieval facility is one of the biggest strengths of Safemove. We have warehousing technology, which enables us to store and retrieve products and inventory on demand.

Packing Tips

  • Make a checklist of the items or goods you want to put into storage. Keep a copy of the final list with you.
  • Before you pack, check and inspect, every item carefully, for any previous damage or delicacy. If the items are delicate or valuable, you should inform the concerned storage company.
  • Make sure you use proper containers for your storage. Do not use plastic or polythene bags. Use cardboard or plastic containers.
  • Never ever pack any harmful or hazardous items or chemicals for storage. Know the restrictions and rules regarding the same.
  • Label the packages to mention which box contains which items. It is time-saving while retrieval and unpacking.
  • Do not make boxes too full or too heavy to move.
  • Seal the boxes with good quality tape to make them secure.
  • To keep your fragile items safe, you can use crumpled paper or bubble wrap to fill the open spaces.
  • Before packing items such as blankets, clothes, curtains, furniture, clean them thoroughly. This will prevent dirt, dust or germs to be transported to your new location.
  • Antique furniture, artistic goods, paintings, sculptures, crockery require special care while packing. Make sure you pack accordingly.
At Safemove packers and movers, we understand that relocation is one of the important events of your life. We are poised to reduce your stress and make the journey as joyful as possible. Storage is an integral part of a relocation or personal inventory management. So, we take every measure possible to keep your storage safe and in perfect condition. That’s precisely why, Safemove is upheld as the safe storage service provider in Pune.

Frequently Asked Question
When do you need home storage services?
Home storage services are needed for various reasons. When you are shifting to a new place, you want temporary storage for some goods. When your home is under renovation or redevelopment and you need to store some household items for a long-term basis. When your temporary residence is smaller, you need to store extra goods for some time.

Will Safemove Storage help with packaging?
Yes. Safemove Storage helps with packaging. The company has expert manpower for packaging your belongings in the most professional way, using the best quality packaging material.

What are the advantages of home storage?
With safe and systematic home storage, you reduce the clutter and time and cost of maintaining those goods. They remain safe and secure under expert monitoring. The risk of damage is minimal.

Can I visit a storage facility to store my items?
Yes. You can visit the Safemove storage facility to store your items. We will acquaint you with all our safety features and personnel who would look after your storage.

Where are my items stored?
Your items are stored in the well equipped Safemove warehouse. Our storage spaces are clean, state-of-the-art and modern. Your items are packed with utmost care and stored safely. Safemove values your items as much as you do, and stores them safely in a damage-free environment.

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