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Packers and movers in Hinjewadi

Tips to Find the Best Packers and Movers for Local Shifting in Hinjewadi

Are you shifting to a new house? Apart from taking care of everything before moving, one important part is choosing the best packers and movers in Hinjewadi. Whether you are moving within or outside the city, your safe shifting will depend on the efficiency of packers and movers you hire.

Today we have come up with some tips to find out the best packers and movers in Hinjewadi; you can surely go through them to ease your work.

Cut out unnecessary things before getting a quotation from movers

Before looking for any transportation company for shifting, it is necessary to look into your storeroom and shed out the stuff you don't need any more. You will be surprised to see your rooms full of clothes, utensils or other items which you don't need. Such things will only add space to your loading vehicles.

Pick the best mover, not the lowest priced one

Check the quotation of at least 4-5 transportation vendors, but there is one thing which you should remember always. It is a great idea to pick the best packers and movers, who offer you the lowest quotation. But there is a twist in this. Packers and movers in the market will give you the lowest quotation but will demand more money while releasing your stuff.

Vendors with a high quotation are more precise about estimates. A reputed company will never give you the quotation before checking your belongings to be transported. Fraud companies can give you quotations without knowing the weight and volume of your belongings. Later on, they will demand more money after reaching the destination.

Do well research about the transportation company

There are two ways to shortlist your transportation company. Either you can ask in your friends circle, or you can do the research work on the internet. Both ways are good. While searching the company on the internet, you should look for their ratings and reviews. Look for the services they provide, also check for any negative comments given to the vendor by any customer. Read those comments and decide whether they are relevant for you or not. You can also join any social media group and ask the members about any vendor. While asking in your friends circle, you may get 2-3 vendors. Check the online reputation of all the vendors before finalizing one.

Visit the office personally

Please take a note that reputed packers and movers have their office physically. Visit the office to see their infrastructure and ask your doubts to the staff. Prepare some questionnaires and see how well they answer them. You can also ask for their license and about the previous customers. It would be better to select a vendor with one office in your destination. This will address your concern, if any, after the move.

Invite the transportation company to check your stuff

If you want to avoid the trap:

  1. Invite the transportation company to your home and let them know the exact stuff you want to transport to get an accurate quotation.
  2. During the pre-survey, don't hide any stuff; tell them everything honestly.
  3. Ensure to get the quotation in writing.
  4. Go through all the documents carefully and read all the terms and conditions of the agreement before signing.

Check the insurance service

You will never like to damage any of your stuff during shifting. But if anything goes wrong, you can surely claim for the same. This is another reason to choose reputed packers and movers in Hinjewadi. Although transportation vendors always try to keep your stuff intact while moving, so chances of damage are less. But it would be best if you remained prepared for the damage, so insurance is a must while shifting.

Pet, plant and vehicles

Are you a pet and plant lover? You must check with your vendor regarding their shifting. Pets and plants need special attention, so they should be moved with utmost care. Also, you may want to relocate your vehicle, check the same with the company. Ensure that you empty the fuel tank while shifting and give the vehicle's key to the vendor during shifting.

Be ready with questions galore

If you are relocating for the first time, you may have many questions in mind for the best packers and movers in Hinjewadi you choose. How much will it take to shift? What time will they arrive at their destination? Will they do the bubble wrapping? Come up with your questionnaire and ask them before signing the dotted line of agreement.

You should know about the packing they will do, how your stuff will be transported, and how they will unload it.

Check for the regional reviews

Checking reviews of the transportation company before finalizing the deal is a good practice. But it will be better if you can find the reviews of people living nearby your area. You can start a conversation with them and ask about their experience with the company; if you have got genuine reviews, the possibility of the safe move of your stuff increases.

Ask for free service, don't hesitate

Some companies provide add-on services to their customers without any extra charge. For instance, you can ask your vendor about storing your stuff for a couple of days. They might provide you with this service for free or with minimum charges. So it's better to inquire about such services, never hesitate in this.

Bottom Line

So, if you are planning to shift to a different location, start looking for transportation vendors atleast 1 month prior. You should also inquire about any hidden charges with the company. You can also ask vendor about the way your stuff will be packed, packing material and the let them know about any fragile item which needs special attention. You can also ask about colored tapes while packing to differentiate the important boxes with rest one.

Happy moving!

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