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Tips to follow while moving for the first time!

You might have an emotional attachment to your existing place, and moving to another place can be a daunting task for you. Your heart may be in deep anxiety as well as in great excitement to know about your new destination. But apart from all such emotions, there are a few things which you should remember while completing your moving task. The first and most obvious thing is to choose which packers and movers Pune or any other city will be suitable for you. Along with this, there are several other points which need your attention. Today in this article, we will cover all the possible tips that will help you in shifting.

Check the location properly

Once you have selected the place, ensure that you are completely happy with that. Don’t do many compromises. For instance, if you need to walk an hour to catch public transport, you must avoid that location even if available at low rent, as a daily walk can make you tired after some days. Visit the location at different times to sense the traffic at different times. If you want parking for your vehicle, talk with the owner about the same and look at the parking space.

Explore your neighbourhood

Before shifting, you must look at your neighbourhood, as it will be better if you shift in an area where your workplace, market, hospital, grocery stores, and bank are in the vicinity. If you have kids, then look for good schools in your area. Also check the common areas like parking arrangement, garden, lift, community hall, etc. It will be better if you establish a healthy relationship with your neighbours before shifting so that they can help you in certain situations.

Update your new address

It is recommended to update your new address in all the government documents like Aadhar card, voter id, PAN card, insurance policies, utility bills, etc., especially if it is your own house. You can visit the respective websites of all such departments and submit the proof of your new house to change the address online. You can also visit the respective offices to do the same.

Do pest control and air quality check

Pests and rodents spread infection in the house, leading to severe disease. Before shifting, you can opt for pest control to keep your family members safe and healthy. You can also check the air quality of your home to know the level of humidity, dust, air pollutants, and chemicals in your home. Many people often ignore air quality checks, but it is also an important factor to check, especially when you have babies or toddlers in the home as they can get the air-borne disease through such impure air. You can hire any professional agency to take care of pest control and air quality check.

Buy home decor and other essentials

It is always suggested to shift in your new house, once you have done with basic furniture. In case of a tight budget, you can use your old furniture for the time being. Setting up your utility is the primary thing before shifting. Ensure that you have a proper gas connection, telephone connection, security system, and other essential things before shifting. It is better to call your service provider a few days ago to get the things installed before your shift at the new place.

Inspect your home before moving

It is necessary to do the basic inspection of your new home before shifting there. Such inspections will let you know about the leakage, condition of electric switches, water pipelines etc. You should double-check the fabrication of switches for the complete safety of your family. You can also check the condition of kitchen doors, windows, chimneys etc., before taking the final possession.

De-clutter your old house

This is a crucial step to make your shifting process easy and comfortable. Come up with a list of things you want to take with you to the new house. Secondly, make a list of items you want to discard or sell or donate. This will ensure that you shift only essential stuff and will help you to calculate the approximate shifting cost.

Search for the local packers and movers services in Pune

You should look and inquire about the local packers and movers in your area, which can make your shifting process easy and stress-free. For picking the best packers and movers in Pune, you can either check the reputation of local vendors online by checking their website and reviews or inquire about the same in your friends' circle. Before finalizing any transportation company, you should ensure about below points:

  • Check about their overall quotation along with any hidden charges.
  • Let their team inspect about your moving stuff to give the exact quotation.
  • Check about insurance policy.
  • Visit their office personally and speak with their team.
  • Let them know about the fragile item and ask about the packing material they will use during transportation.
  • Let them know about the pets or plants if you have them.
  • Enquire about the additional charges of your vehicle if you want to shift that.


Hope the tips mentioned above have given you an overall idea of what you should consider during your shift to a new place. Shifting to an unknown place brings both fear and excitement. But taking care of such basic things will ensure that your future journey in the new house will be full of safety and happiness.

It will be good if you start looking for local packers and movers services in Pune 1 month before your shifting date. This will allow you to pick the best vendor through proper inquiry, and you can avoid the last moment hassle. These professionals know how to pack your stuff properly without any breakage. Sometimes these professionals also uninstall your electric appliances and install them back to the new destination. This will avoid the hassle of looking for an electrician to do this task.

Have a happy shift!

  • 12.5K
    + Home Shifting
  • 2K
    + Office Relocated
  • 1K
    + Vehicle Shifting
  • 40K
    + Square Feet Storage