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When to Move Month End or Mid-Month & Weekend or Weekdays

Planning is a must when you decide to relocate to a new place. Relocation is a tedious task that requires proper research work of the best packers and movers in Baner Pune or at any other location. When it comes to relocation, you will spend most of your time arranging your stuff, shedding out the unwanted things, and inquiring about transportation vendors in your local area. But apart from picking an efficient transportation company, there are many things you may miss out. You may forget to decide the suitable date to relocate, as it may skip down to the bottom of your priority list. But such a small thing can have a big impact on your transportation charges, as most companies offer different charges at different times and days.

So, let’s pen down some of the best times for relocation to ensure that your move will not put much burden on your pocket.

Shifting close to month-end

Planning to relocate during month-end? This can be costlier for you, as most relocation companies remain busy during month-end because of many relocation bookings. Most of the people decide to shift during month-end and below is the reason for the same:

  • Rent agreement completion
  • House property sale out
  • Joining new job in the new month
  • Change in marital status

You should compare the transportation charges of the vendor between the 25th of the previous month to 5th of next month with other days. You may find a huge difference in charges. Hence it is better to shift in the middle of the month.

Benefits of shifting in month-end

No need to renew agreement: If you are shifting from one rented home to another, then no need to pay for new lease contracts in case of expiration of the old agreement. You can get your new lease agreement with the new landlord at the new place.

Join the new company: If you have joined a new company, then relocating at the month-end will allow you to start the new company work from the beginning of the new month.

Start your kid's schooling: You can send your kids to school from the first week of next month by shifting during month-end. Hence this will ensure that their studies are not hampered.

Drawbacks of shifting in month-end

Higher cost: It may seem convenient for you to relocate at month-end, but it can be costly too. Most of the transportation companies are busy during month-end, and you may end up paying higher charges to them.

High demand for movers: Because of the great demand for relocation in the market, it will be difficult for you to book the best movers and packers in Baner Pune.

High rental cost: As most people prefer to relocate at month-end, your rental charges to a new location may be high.

Damage Risk: Because of huge relocation orders, transportation vendors may not pay attention to quality work, and the risk of damage may increase.

Shifting in mid-month

Mid-month is between the 5th of any month to the 23rd of the same month. This is the time when people don’t prefer to relocate much. During such months, property charges are low, which can be a good reason for many to relocate.

Benefits of shifting in mid-month

Easy to find the best transportation vendor: As very few people relocate in mid-month, it will be easy for you to find the best movers and packers, Baner Pune, and they will provide you with the best service because of low workflow.

Get cost-effective service: Because of low demand, the possibility of getting the best vendor at low prices will be there, as vendors have less business in mid-months.

Less Busy roads: Rush will be less on roads in mid-month: hence it will be easy for the vehicle driver to shift your stuff without any damage.


Not a good time to shift to a new home: When you shift in mid-month, you need to start a new agreement from the mid, which many individuals do not prefer.

Improper time to sell property: Mid-month is not the suitable time to buy or sell property, as most people are not ready to start or end a lease in this duration.

It is not a good time to start school: Sending kids to school in mid-month is not suitable as everyone likes to start school from the new month.

Moving on weekends

The weekend is suitable for most home-moves as they don’t have to take extra leaves for relocation work. Moving on Saturday and Sunday makes the whole process efficient for people.


No extra leave required: While shifting at weekends you can make efficient use of your holiday, as you don’t need to take extra leave from the office.

Children will be present at home: No worry to pick children from school during relocation, as they will be at home during weekends.


Difficult to get good transportation vendor: Most people prefer to relocate on weekends; hence such days are in great demand, and most of the transportation vendors remain busy on weekends.

Expensive:As the demand for packers and movers in Baner Pune is high, they may charge extra for weekends.

High traffic: On weekends you may find more traffic on roads, as people go out on weekends for their shopping and other work. This may delay your transportation work and finally in delivery time.

Moving in weekdays

Many people do not prefer weekdays as they remain busy in their professional life on weekdays. But this also implies that moving companies will charge less if shifted on weekdays.


Cost-effective: As transportation vendors remain free on weekdays, they will charge less to you.

Less traffic: As there is less traffic on roads on weekdays, transportation drivers can meet the delivery time at your destination place.


Need to take off from office: You need to take an extra leave for relocation; this may deduct your one-day salary if you don’t have extra leaves in your leave balance.

Absence of helping hand: If you want your friends or loved ones to help you in relocation, then this may not be possible on weekdays.


Whether you are relocating within city or intercity you need to plan your relocation date properly. Your shifting date matters a lot in the pricing of transportation vendors.

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